Biomanufacturing Jobs

The North Carolina biotechnology industry offers you a variety of jobs and careers at all levels in areas such as research and development, quality control and quality assurance, manufacturing support and production. Training and education requirements depend on the job you select. Below are some descriptions of jobs that are available and are common across the industry. They represent major functional areas in manufacturing. 

There are links to example courses in the NC Community College System BioNetwork program, BTEC at NC State University and BRITE at NC Central University that you might take for each position.  This is not a comprehensive list of all available coures.  A complete crosswalk to courses and competencies for jobs will be provided in future updates of the NCBioImpact Site.

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Production Positions:
Process Technician
Process Engineer

Facilities Positions:
Facility Engineer
Maintenance and Instrumentation Technicians

Research and Development Position:
Process Development Scientist

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Positions:
Quality Assurance Associate
Quality Control Technicians

For more examples of other jobs, visit the NC Biotechnology Center, BTEC and NC BioNetwork and (select biotechnology).