Long-term commitment

For 26 years, North Carolina has worked to build a solid infrastructure for life-science growth, resulting in a thriving industry. State and local government officials and community leaders across the state are working to sustain the right environment for biomanufacturing plants to succeed.

In North Carolina, biotechnology overall:

  • Contributes $64.6 billion to the economy
  • Employs 226,823 people, more than 59,000 directly in biotechnology
  • Pays $1.9 billion in state and local taxes

See what North Carolina can do for you.

"North Carolina has invested $1.2 billion in steady bioscience growth during the past decade." Some states aren't so interested in manufacturing. But at times like these, it becomes clear why these science-driven factories are so crucial."

- Norris Tolson, President and CEO of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center