Continuing Education

Want to upgrade your skills or find out more about the biotechnology industry? Short courses or a certificate program may be for you.

Short courses can typically be completed in a few hours or a few weeks. They may or may not be associated with formal certificates or degree programs.

Certificate programs can take several months longer. The certificate programs can include a combination or courses taken directly from community college or university degree programs.

NCBioImpact institutions provide flexibility for combining and connecting credentials.  Individuals who receive credit for short courses and certificate programs may be able to transfer those credits to a degree program.

The NC Community College System has a variety of continuing education and short courses for students through the BioNetwork program and through other training options.

Individuals can also check out certificate programs in BioWork, BioQuality, Bioprocessing Technology, Chemical Process Technology and other areas at the community college closest to you.

The NC Community College BioNetwork training program also has the one-of-a-kind Validation Academy, which offers short courses so professionals can get high quality training in various life science areas.  The program at the Capstone Center partners with ISPE and other training providers.

BTEC at NC State University offers a range of graduate degree and professional short course options in its state-of-the art cGMP facility.

A certificate program in biomanufacturing is available for students and professionals at NC State University.

BTEC also offers a graduate degree program.