Maintenance and Instrumentation Technicians

This position - which can be called instrumentation/calibration technician, maintenance technician or mechanic - performs daily monitoring, repair, predictive and preventative maintenance activities on all production‐related equipment for process and critical activities. Technicians also troubleshoot, install, and upgrade new and existing systems, which may include refrigeration equipment, water systems, HVAC, and electrical systems. In addition, they monitor, troubleshoot, and calibrate process control instrumentation.

Example NC Community College BioNetwork Courses include: MNT 110 Intro to Maint Procedures; MNT 111 Maintenance Practices; MNT 270 Bioprocess Equip Maint; MNT 280 Bioprocess Operating Sys; BMT 212 BMET Instrumentation I; BMT 225 Biomed Troubleshooting; BPM 110 Bioprocess Practices; BPM 111 Bioprocess Measurements; ILT 212 Lab Instrumentation; PCI 161 Intro to Instrumentation; and PCI 162 Instrumentation Controls. 


Find the NC Community College System BioNetwork program in your community, then click on the web site of that school and check under courses, academic programs or course catalogue to find the course of interest to you.  You may also check out short courses being offered at the Capstone Center, the Validation Academy or other institutions.